Faculty Course Administration

Faculty Course Administration
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uSucceed - References & Resources
JWU's student advising site (accessed in jwuLink)

What's New - Academic Year 2021/2022 Video

Profile / Account Setup:

      Set Up Your uSucceed Profile User Guide   
      Set Up Your uSucceed Office Hours User Guide  
      Editing Office Hours User Guide   
      All About Office Hours Video   
      Sync uSucceed & Outlook Calendar User Guide   
      Sync uSucceed & Outlook Calendar Video   
      Add a Zoom Link to Appointment Location   
      Direct Links to Scheduling in uSucceed


Enrollment / Academic Progress Survey:

      Enrollment Survey Video Overview
      Enrollment Survey User Guide
      Academic Progress Survey Video
      Academic Progress Survey User Guide 


      uSucceed Attendance Tracking User Guide   
      Attendance Report Download User Guide   
      Attendance Report: Get Tally by Student User Guide

Raising Tracking Items:

      How to Raise Flags and Give Kudos
      Quick Reference: Flags & Kudos 

Managing Student Advisees:

      Tracking Item Road Map     

      Viewing Student Advisees User Guide
      Maintaining Advising Notes User Guide
      Maintaining Advising Notes Video 
      Adding Mass Notes | Email Messages Video
      Managing Flags for Faculty Advisors User Guide 
      Filter Student Lists By Connection and Term
      Filter Tracking Items (Flags) – Not Assigned Video
      Tracking Items:  Closing the Loop with Flag Raiser Video 
      Appointment Outcomes / Notes
      Booking Appointments User Guide


     Registration Pin Process User Guide - New September 22, 2021
     Registration ALT Pin Process Video - New September 22, 2021

Additional Resources:

      FERPA for Academic Administration & Faculty   
      Zoom in Faculty Feature   
      Student Intake